Rosie and Jon

February 27th, 2017|Weddings|

      This wedding was pretty. Rosie in her dress was so pretty, Can Rafal is so pretty, the flowers of course were pretty and  even Cardamom Events' food is so [...]

Jenny and Phillip

February 8th, 2017|Weddings|

      TagoMago a private island off the coast of Ibiza- I spent many summers on this island as a child- there used to be an authentic Chiringuito, a lovely wooden [...]

Francesca and Robert

January 30th, 2017|Weddings|

      What is so great about shooting a wedding at Cotton Beach Club is that everything is white, with the blue sea backdrop- its like a natural soft box. But [...]

Robin and her Lovely Family

January 23rd, 2017|Portraits|

    Winter time in Ibiza is thinking and reflecting time, research and study time, discovering and growing time. This year I really feel there is a change here on our little [...]