Marie and Thibaud

Pretty and Beautiful. ........

Caroline and Paul

I just thought this was Beautiful and Glamorous..........and Beautiful and Glamorous! x

Helen and Greg

It was a rainy September day in Ibiza, maybe not exactly what was expected for this extravagantly pretty Ibiza wedding but in the end it just didn't matter. With A dress like that it just all was going to be ok! And it was! The decor went up, the shoes went on, the groom shed [...]

Holly and Shaun

Looking back over 2014 and pulling out some of those weddings that just say YES. Holly and Shaun were one of them. Fun and pretty, relaxed and sweet, there is something that just worked. The lovely little San Augustin Church, the Beetle, love it, the Dress, His Suit, Table centers of Hierbas the ibiza local [...]

Irina and Daniel

It was just a quick, intimate moment, I was there and I got it. Can't wait to show you more of this magical couple. x

Helen and Greg

Mainly just have to exclaim at this dress!! Helen looked like a Mermaid on Sol den Serra beach at Amante beach club. Truly extravagant and beautiful. WOW! x

Anna and Steve

Hello to a little bit of Elixir love. Sunny, beautiful, bright and light. Beach magic, bare feet, seaside splashes, golden light, sunshine kisses and shoes with angel wings......need I say more. Love x

Sarah and Philip

All things nice......Lovely lovely happy couple...pretty flowers...yummy food, emotional speeches and some really fun dancing!! And Sarah and Philip, thank you so much for such a lovely message. It means the world to know they made you so happy! Congratulations and see you soon. x Gypsy - I'm so sorry it's taken us so long [...]

Ana and Prindy

This is my last blog for wedding from last year...2014 has started and have lots of scrumptious photos to show already.... But I couldn't miss Ana and Prindy. The lovely Ana and Prindy. My last wedding from last year and even more lovely because they are friends....... After a summer of Ana looking at many [...]

Emma and Chris. Can Talaias Ibiza. 11 September 2013

OH  my I mean Here I am at Can Talaias AGAIN!!!!!! I promise I do weddings at other venues!!!! I just have wanted to post the rest of this for AGES. I touched on it just after but finally here is the whole day......WHY was it so special, well because it rained ALL day. And [...]

Franco and Vivi . Dalt Villa Ibiza . 22nd March 2014

It was my first wedding of the season and I can't believe I went with butterflies....the sun wasn't out after weeks of amazing spring weather and it was six months since the last wedding....But arriving in Dalt Villa, Ibiza's beautiful old town,  being with Franco and his friends, Vivi beaming with nerves (?)...And then I [...]

Emma and Andrew. Casa Nubes Ibiza. 9th September 2013

Can`t wait to see this wedding on Style me Pretty Destination, yeh yeh.....coming very soon. Gorgeous Emma and Andrew, where all the perfect details were of much much importance and well you can just see for yourself. Venue, view, flowers, dress, food, drinks, decorations,rings, outfit, names tags, shoes, makeup,speeches, sea, sunset......clean clear and stunning. With [...]